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What values are truthy and falsy in JavaScript?

In most languges, conditional control statements often require expressions that evaluate to boolean values: one of true or false. In JavaScript however, non-boolean values can also be used in conditional control statements. Values that are treated as false but are not actually false themselves are said to be falsy. The same goes with truthy values with respect to true.

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JavaScript: const vs. let vs. var - What's the difference?

const, let, and var are 3 different ways to declare a variable in JavaScript, each with different consequences in terms of scope and assignment.

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Understanding the Arguments Object in JavaScript

What is the ‘arguments’ object?

Simply put, the arguments object contains all arguments or parameters passed into the current function. It’s worth emphasizing that arguments is only defined and accessible from within the scope of a function. For example:

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What is short circuiting?

Short circuiting in JavaScript (and other languages) is when only part of a boolean expression is evaluated in order to get the result of the entire expression.

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